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Zimbabwean Bloggers Network, also known as “ZimBloggers”, is a community network that seeks to support, inspire and involve Zimbabwean Bloggers, Curators and Influencers internationally.

ZBN was set up to provide a platform for bloggers as a focused community, who create content, share ideas and reinforce blogging as a powerful tool in modern day media programs.

ZBN strives to provide networking opportunities for all Zimbabwean Bloggers, International exposure and key blogging guidelines, to bloggers across South Africa and the world over.

Additionally, ZBN is a community of driven bloggers, curators and influencers seeking solutions and support to successfully navigate the highly competitive arena of online curation and blogging. Our members gravitate toward lifestyle topics, such as the fashion, beauty, food, travel/tourism, DIY/decor and parenting niches. We will provide education, sponsored campaigns, networking events, and business coaching and support services.

Contributors and guest writers are always welcome. Particular focus areas include but are not limited to:

  • Fashion and trends
  • Beauty
  • Tech News
  • Writing tips
  • Blogging tips
  • Gadgets
  • Travel
  • Book and Movie Reviews

zim bloggers network

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