Zim Bloggers Network


Zim Bloggers Network

Good Day Zimbabwean Everywhere,

Last time I checked there where over 24o millions blogs on the internet, that makes for a whole lot of competition for you and the brand you are trying to build. I addition to that there are 500,000 new blog entries posted every day and millions of companies are finding out why blogging matters now more than ever.

ZimBloggers Network is a global online community (forum) is where social influencers find solutions and support. It’s the perfect place to ask questions, get real answers, share your experiences, learn from others’ mistakes, make friends, and so much more! Open 24-7. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Become a member of the Zim Bloggers Network :-)

We are community focused on helping Zimbabwean bloggers make an even bigger impact in the world. We are proud of who we are and our talents.

From eGuides and eBooks to monthly Building Blocks and Kindle Blueprints to free must-have blogging and social media printables, the ZNB Learning Library will be stocked up with all our Zmbabwean Influencers, Curators and Bloggers in mind.

Finally Zimbloggers Network is building relationshis with brands which will allow ZBN to match brands, projects, and events with digital publishers and social influencers through our proprietary system. We promise to always put our bloggers first and take a minority share. So, together, we can make a difference.

So come on Zimbloggers Join us, Let us Fly the Zimbabwean Flag high together. Zim Bloggers Network


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